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Dashboard Basics
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What is a Dashboard?

Enterpret makes it super easy to create and manage Dashboards, which are organised collections of Quantify. You can add existing Quantify or make new ones right from the Dashboard. Plus, it's great for teamwork – invite your team to join in and edit Dashboards together.

Dashboards are customisable, with handy features like reporting schedules and easy navigation. This helps you keep track of feedback and track quantify easily.

How to create a Dashboard?

Enterpret helps you create your own personalised Dashboard for various kinds of analyses you might want to perform. To create a new Dashboard, please follow these steps.

1. From the Enterpret homepage, click on the Dashboards tab on the left-hand sidebar, a side window will open up.

2. Click the NEW DASHBOARD button to get started.

3. Click on NEW BLANK DASHBOARD(this option will let you build a Dashboard from scratch) or USE THIS TEMPLATE (this option will let you use one of the Dashboard templates provided by Enterpret with pre-existing Quantify charts & filters)

4. You can add the desired name and description for the newly created Dashboard by clicking the Pencil icon next to the Dashboard's name at the left top of the screen.

For example, you want to rename the Dashboard as 'Newer Issues to work upon' and keep the description as 'This Dashboard contains all the recent issues that our firm needs to counter. '

Click the SAVE button to save changes.

5. Adding Quantify to your Dashboard

Quantify : Quantify helps product development teams extract numerical insights from customer feedback data. With it, teams can quickly and precisely understand what customers are saying about their product. Learn more

In case of a new Blank Dashboard

Click on the ADD button to add an existing or new Quantify to your Dashboard.

In case of a Dashboard with existing Quantify Charts

Click on the + icons towards the right and left side of the charts to add an existing or new Quantify

Another way is Click + Add Content to add an existing or new Quantify

How to find a Dashboard?

There are various ways to find a Dashboard, from the navigation bar or from Saved items. Both the ways are illustrated below :

From the Navigation bar

Once you have clicked on Dashboards, you will see a side window open up, in which you can find Pinned Dashboards, Your Dashboards and Teammates' Dashboards.

From Saved Items

Also, you can find your own or your teammates’ Dashboards through Saved Items from the navigation bar.

After clicking, this will open up a Pop-up to Browse Saved items, in which by selecting Types as Dashboard.

How to archive a Dashboard?

On archiving a Dashboard, you can not find or edit it anymore.

But do not worry, anyone who has the viewable link to the Dashboard that had been shared before the Dashboard was archived can still view the Dashboard.

For archiving a Dashboard, click the 3 dots menu button beside the ADD button and select Archive Dashboard option from the expanded panel.

How to stay up to date with your Dashboard?

To stay up to date with your Dashboard, you will need to Subscribe to receive daily updates. To understand the process better, you can refer here.

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