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Enterpret Overview

Learn how Enterpret Works


AI Copilot for Feedback Insights


About Feed, setting up a query, saving, sharing and subscribing to it

Use cases

Understand how to best utilize Enterpret for your advantage.


Basic and Advanced ways to utilise Dashboards to consume insights, Templates, Reporting and Sharing


Fully utilize and comprehend all functionalities available on the Quantify screen.

Saved Items

Understand how to find and save various items


Understand the use of Categories, Keywords, Reasons in building the Taxonomy, predictions


A Collection is a user curated set of insightful feedback

Synced Users and Accounts

Send user and account metadata to Enterpret, for cross-sectional analysis

Custom Filters

Saving filters for easy retrieval and usage


In-Depth guide for each integration

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Configuring your Identity Provider with Enterpret for SSO

Improving your Predictions

Guide to Viewing and Managing Metadata ingested along with your feedback and editing predictions

User Management

Guide to modifying, inviting and suspending users from the platform

Privacy and Security

Set up and use Enterpret's Data Deletion integration to manage user data privacy