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Find analyses, anomaly rules, and saved searches created by you, or your teammates.

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Enterpret lets you save items such as your Searches, Quantify charts, Dashboards and even Feedback. Not just your items but you can view your teammates' Saved items too.

How to find Saved Items?

You can press ⌘+K / ctrl+K or click the Saved Items icon on the left nav bar to browse through saved items at any point on the Enterpret dashboard.

Saved items would appear on your screen in a pop-up window.

How to browse Saved items list?

Browsing through saved items allows you to search items by their title, or by their creator's name.

For example, typing "Sample" would show up all saved items that have a matching name.

While typing "Matt" would show up all the saved items created by the creator 'Matt Miller'

What are Saved Items Filters?

You can use the filters on the right pane to limit your search results by the creator, or by the item type.

Filter by Creator

There are two types of filters when filtering by creator.

My Items : You can find all Saved items only created by you or the ones on which you are a collaborator.

Entire Organisation : You can find all Saved items created & saved by you and your teammates.

Filter by Item Type

There are three types of Saved items that you can find here

  1. Saved Search

  2. Saved Dashboard

  3. Saved Quantify

For example, selecting Entire Organisation and Types - Dashboard will list all Dashboards saved bye you or your teammates in your organisation

How to browse Saved Feedback?

Enterpret lets you save feedback records too along with Quantify Charts, Searches and Dashboards with the help of the bookmark icon at the right top of your feedback record.

The Bookmark Icon : beside the copy link and enlarge icons

To view Saved Feedback, Navigate to the saved items, below the search bar to browse saved items, you can find it.

The Saved Feedbacks screen would look like this :


Why can't I find what I am looking for?

An analysis, saved search, dashboard, or anomaly rule might not be findable if it has been archived by its owner.

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