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Doing more with Dashboards
Doing more with Dashboards
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How to add Quantify to a Dashboard?

There are two ways to add Quantify to a Dashboard. One way is to add an existing Quantify and the other way is to create a new Quantify .

Add an existing Quantify

To add an existing Quantify to a Dashboard, follow these steps.

1. Click the ADD button in the top right-hand corner or at the centre of the screen

2. Select Add Existing Quantify from the expansion panel

3. Choose an existing Quantify from the list of Quantify Charts and click

ADD TO DASHBOARD once selected.

The Quantify Charts will be added to your Dashboard.

Add a new Quantify

Now to add a new Quantify :

Click on the add button, then click on Add New Quantify, after which you will be taken to this screen to create a new Quantify

1. Click the ADD button in the top right-hand corner or at the centre of the screen

2. Select Add New Quantify from the expansion panel

3. Create a new Quantify. To get help creating a new Quantify, refer here.


2. Enter the Descriptive name for the Quantify. Then, Click on SAVE QUANTIFY & ADD .

The new Quantify added will be visible in the Dashboard.

There is another way to add Quantify to the Dashboard after you’ve added some Quantify already.

Click on Add Content at the bottom of Dashboard screen and add an existing or new Quantify

How to add text to a Dashboard?

You can also add text to the Dashboards, this can be used in various ways, for example, jotting down notes, explanations for the Quantify charts beside. Steps to add text:

  1. Click on the ADD button at the right top of the screen or click on any of the + icons at right or left side of the Quantify charts on the Dashboard screen.

    A panel will open up, click on the 'Text' option.

2. A text box will be added to your Dashboard, you can use various formatting options (Headings/Subheadings, Bold, Italic, Quote, Code etc)

Now you can adjust the location of the box accordingly.

How to set up Dashboard level filters?

Filters on Dashboards are an efficient feature that allows you to apply filters to multiple charts and visualizations simultaneously, streamlining your feedback analysis process. It also enables you to create versatile and customizable Dashboard templates, which facilitates better collaboration with your team.

Here's how you can use Global Filters on your Enterpret Dashboards:

1. Open one of your existing Dashboards.

2. Choose a time-based filter by selecting from the range of durations available.

3. To add more filters, click on the ADD FILTER button.

4. You'll be presented with the same set of filters in the search bar as you would see while building a Quantify or while using Search, Search for the desired filter.

5. Select and apply the filter(s) you want to use, then, Click on GO

6. Click SAVE TO DASHBOARD to save the filter to the dashboard.

How do Dashboard-level filters interact with chart level filters?

Dashboard level filters act like master filters applied over and above the existing individual Quantify Chart filters.

This can be better explained by the use of an example.

Let us create a Dashboard for Audio Issues. Filter Applied : Source is any of Playstore.

Let us check the Quantify Chart named 'Top Improvements', when the Dashboard Filters are applied.

Now on removing the Dashboard Filter : Source is any of Playstore, only keeping the chart level filters.

How to remove a Quantify from a Dashboard ?

  1. On your Dashboard, you can find the Quantify you want to remove and click on the three dots in the top right corner.

  2. A drop-down menu will appear. From there, select the Remove from Dashboard option.

  3. A confirmation message will appear asking if you want to remove the Quantify from the Dashboard. Click on the Remove from Dashboard button to confirm.

  4. The Quantify will now be removed from your Dashboard.

Who can edit a Dashboard?

Sharing the edit access to a Dashboard with your team is an efficient way to collaborate and work together on a project. With Enterpret, sharing your Dashboard is easy and quick.

You can invite your teammates to edit the Dashboard through the Invite to Collaborate section on clicking SHARE on the dashboard screen.

You can also provide access to the teammate who has requested access to the dashboard to allow them to collaborate with you.

To understand this better, Refer Here.

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