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Dashboard Sharing & Reporting
Dashboard Sharing & Reporting
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How to share a Dashboard with someone?

Enterpret allows you to share dashboards with anyone through View Links.

On your Dashboard screen, Click on the SHARE button at the Right top.

A right side window will open up containing options for sharing your Dashboard.

You can also click on the Link Icon beside the SHARE button to directly copy a view only Link to your Dashboard.

After the Right side window appears,

If you want to share the View Link, Click on the COPY LINK button.

How to enable someone to edit my Dashboard?

If you want some one to edit and help build the Dashboard with you, you can invite them to collaborate.

In the right side window that appears after you click on the SHARE button, you can see an option 'Invite to Collaborate'.

Enter the Email ID of the person you want to invite, then Click the INVITE button.

The invited person will receive an email from [email protected] informing about the edit access.

To Request access to collaborate on a Dashboard, Click REQUEST ACCESS on the right top of the Dashboard screen.

If a teammate has requested access to your Dashboard, you will receive an email from [email protected] and an in-app notification on Enterpret informing about the request.

By approving the request, you will be allowing that person to edit and collaborate on the Dashboard with you.

How to stay updated & receive reports with Dashboards?

To receive regular reports and updates with your Dashboard,

Click on SUBSCRIBE on the right top of the Dashboard screen.

On clicking it, a right side window will pop up, containing detailed options, which would look like this. It contains fields for Email and Slack channels.

Here, you can fill out the Email ID of the teammates (or yourself) whom you want send the regular reports to.

For Slack Channels, click on it's field, you will see something like this while Enterpret tries to fetch your Slack Channels.

Choose the channels you want to share the reports with.

After filling out the fields, you can Click on SUBSCRIBE button at the bottom right to send the reports.

How to unsubscribe to a Feed?

  1. Click on the Subscribed button with a edit icon at the right top of the feed.

  2. Click on the Unsubscribe button at the left bottom of the Subscribe flow window .

How to disconnect Slack?

Disconnecting your Slack will remove subscribed Slack channels from all your reports. These wouldn't automatically resume by re-connecting Slack.

To disconnect your Slack, click on the 3 dot menu icon above the Slack channels as shown below

Click on the 'Disconnect Slack' option in the panel

Click on YES,DISCONNECT to finally disconnect your Slack from Enterpret. That's it!


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