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Save filters to easily re-use them on Dashboards, Quantify or Search

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You can save any filter on Enterpret as a Custom Filter to quickly find and re-use it across Dashboards, Quantify and Search. If you find yourself frequently creating a combination of the same set of filters, custom filters can be a handy way of saving time and effort -- while also helping your teammates jump-start their queries!

In this document, we'll go through the flow of creating a custom filter that can be used to find feedback relevant for the Video Quality Team at Zoom.

Creating a Custom Filter

You can create a custom filter by clicking on the Save As Custom Filter button on the bottom-right of the query builder.

This would open up a pop-up where you can add a descriptive name to help you and your teammates find this custom filter while building a query.

Upon clicking Save , your filter would immediately be available for everyone in your organisation to leverage across Enterpret!

Using Custom Filters

You can find Custom Filters created by you, and your teammates in the query builder and easily use them across Dashboards, Quantify and Search!


Who can edit a saved Custom Filter?

The creator of a Custom Filter can edit it, after originally saving it. Besides the creator, your organisation's admins on Enterpret can edit all Custom Filters.

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