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What is the Taxonomy?
What is the Taxonomy?
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Enterpret's Taxonomy provides a structured framework to analyze your customer feedback. This taxonomy has three main elements - Categories, Reasons, and Tracked Keywords. These elements interact with each other to provide a deep, layered understanding of your customers' perspectives.


Categories are high-level classifications that help uncover the intent behind customer feedback. They act as a lens, giving you a broader view of the context in which feedback is given, allowing for more effective analysis and action.

We have four distinct categories on Enterpret -

  1. Help: The user is asking for assistance or guidance

  2. Improvement: The user is suggesting new features or modifications to existing ones

  3. Complaint: The user is expressing dissatisfaction or highlighting issues

  4. Praise: The user is giving positive feedback or praising your product or service


While Categories offer a macro-view of the intent behind feedback, Reasons delve into the specifics. They reveal the underlying motivations or issues that prompted the customer to give specific feedback. Reasons are vital as they capture the essence of the feedback, offering you a deeper understanding of your customers' experiences.

For example:-

  1. Issue Logging In On Android

  2. Ability To Download As PDF"

Tracked Keywords

Tracked Keywords represent specific aspects of your product that the feedback is about. They pinpoint the exact areas of your product your customers refer to in their feedback.

For example:-

  1. Account

  2. Search

  3. Dashboard

How It All Comes Together: An Example

Consider this feedback: "I deactivated my account, but I'm still being charged. I just wanted to make a few videos. I'm so frustrated and can't get anyone on the phone! Please give me a refund."

In this scenario, Enterpret identifies two Reasons (why this feedback was given):

  • Issue With Undue Billing - which is tagged with Category "Compliant"

  • Help With Refund - which is tagged with the Category "Help."

Then, Enterpret identifies Keywords (what this feedback is about):



Notice that the word "Videos," while present in the feedback, is not tagged as a Keyword. This is because it's not central to the Reasons identified in the context of this feedback.

In essence, Enterpret considers both the presence of a keyword and the intent behind its mention, ensuring that the taxonomy rarely makes "junk" or incorrect predictions.

This example demonstrates how Categories, Reasons, and Tracked Keywords interact to provide a comprehensive understanding of your customer feedback.

By capturing every layer of feedback, from the broad themes to the specific aspects, Enterpret's taxonomy gives you actionable and relevant insights that reflect your customer's voice.

This helps you make well-informed decisions and take necessary actions to improve your product by running a detailed analysis of your customer feedback.

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