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What are Categories?
What are Categories?
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Categories in Enterpret are high-level classifications that help uncover the intention behind customer feedback. They act as a lens, giving you a broader view of the context in which feedback is given, which in turn allows for more effective analysis and action.

In Enterpret, we have four distinct categories:


This category acts as a collection point for those instances when your users are asking for help, guidance, or support, indicating a need for assistance.

For instance, a user's feedback might include: "I need help understanding how to use the new update". In this case, the Reason could be "Help with Using New Update".


Feedback that suggests new features or modifications to existing ones falls under this category.

Let's say a user provides feedback saying: "I wish there was a way to customize the background during video calls". Here, the Reason could be "Improvement: Ability to Customize Virtual Backgrounds".


This category captures feedback where your users express dissatisfaction or highlight issues that they're facing. It identifies problems that need to be addressed.

Consider feedback like: "I had trouble downloading Zoom on my computer". The Reason for this could be "Issue: Trouble Downloading Zoom".


When your users compliment your product or service, these positive comments are captured under the Praise category. It helps recognize what's working well in your product or service.

For example, if a user says: "The picture quality on Zoom calls is excellent", the Reason here could be "Praise: Happy with Picture Quality".

Categories play a vital role in providing a holistic view of your customer feedback. With this high-level classification, you can quickly identify areas of strength, areas needing improvement, and common threads in user issues, thereby informing your decision-making process.

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