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What are Feedback Sources?
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Feedback Sources in Enterpret

Feedback sources, or Integrations in Enterpret, are the applications your company uses to collect customer feedback.

Integrating Feedback Sources

A wide range of applications is available for integration with Enterpret. If the application you're using isn't available, you can send a message to Intercom Messenger to request an integration. This dedicated page on Enterpret's website lists all integrations and a guide for their installation.

The Role of Feedback Sources

Feedback sources supply the raw data that Enterpret uses to generate insights. Integrating your feedback sources into Enterpret allows you to consider all relevant data in your analyses. This comprehensive approach can lead to more accurate insights, ultimately aiding you in making superior product decisions.

Requesting New Integrations

Enterpret continually expands its range of supported integrations. If an application you use isn't currently supported, you can request an integration. Send a message to the Intercom Messenger, and the Enterpret team will consider adding it.

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