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Census Integration
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If you're using Census for syncing Users and Accounts, please follow this instructions on this page:

You can now use Enterpret's webhook APIs via Census to ingest feedback data from various custom feedback sources into Enterpret. This integration allows you to quickly and seamlessly bring in feedback data from various sources so that you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of customer feedback across all your channels.

In this article, we cover a sample use case of how Census custom API can be leveraged to ingest data from different sources into Enterpret.

To achieve this integration, we will first set up destination using Census Custom API. We will then need to add a sync from the source warehouse to custom API destination, which will automatically ingest the data into Enterpret.

Creating Destination

Head to Census, specifically the Connections page.

  1. Click on New Destination and select Enterpret.

  2. Provide a descriptive Name for your new destination.

  3. Add your API Token

To generate API Token

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page in your Enterpret instance.

  2. Click on +New Integration, and select Webhook from the list.

  3. Provide a Display Name for the integration in the presented form, this name will appear as the Source for the records, everywhere in your Enterpret instances, for the records ingested using this Webhook.

  4. Click Connect, a Webhook integration will be created, with an API Key, that you can copy as shown below.

Creating a Sync

  1. Open Syncs page, click on Add Sync button.

  2. Select your source warehouse and your new Custom Destination.

  3. Select the object type from the drop down menu

    1. Review Records : To ingest review feedback.

    2. Survey Response Records : To ingest survey response feedback.

  4. Set up Custom Destination API Field Mappings

    1. To ingest Review Data

      Set the source column to the Text field if it contains review text.

    2. To ingest Survey Data

      1. Click on Add Mapping.

      2. Select the source column from the drop-down menu on the left

      3. Provide the survey question as the field name with a feedback_ prefix.

To ingest any additional fields along with the feedback

You can also ingest additional source columns along with the feedback as metadata.

  1. Click on Add Mapping.

  2. Select the desired source column from the drop-down menu on the left.

  3. Provide a field name for the metadata on the right.

  4. Choose the data type for the field(Defaults to string). Currently, we only support string and float types.

Your sync should look like this at the end.

Note: The createdAt field takes UNIX timestamp seconds, which are essential for accurate time-series analysis on the census data. Properly mapping this field is crucial to ensure that data displays correctly on Enterpret.

5. Once you have defined the mapping, you can proceed with running a test sync.

6. Confirm details and create the sync.

For more details on how census sync works, please refer to Census Doc.

Note: If you're using Census to send survey data, please ensure that the order of survey questions and answers is the same across all feedback for consistent analysis.

Running a sync

Once you've got your sync up and running, you can configure your sync to run automatically from schedules.

For detailed instructions on how to create a periodic trigger, please refer to Census Doc.

Note: After the sync is finished it can take upto 4 hours for the feedback to show up on Enterpret.

Give it a try and explore other use cases where you can leverage Enterpret's Census custom API to ingest your customer feedback. We hope you found this tutorial helpful, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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