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About Quantify
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What is Quantify?

Quantify is a tool that assists product development teams in making sense of what customers are saying about their product. It helps by turning customer feedback into numbers, allowing teams to easily and accurately understand the feedback.

With Quantify, teams can figure out the main reasons customers like the product, what issues they dislike, and how users feel about specific features. The tool also allows for custom queries, meaning teams can ask specific questions to get detailed insights for making informed decisions about improving the product.

What to use Quantify for?

By making use of feedback type, filters for feedback, the duration of feedback, the units you want to measure your Quantify in and the Compare feature, you can use Quantify to help teams make improvements faster, catch quality issues more quickly, and address any problems customers are facing.

Categorising some of the functions Quantify can be used for :

  1. Pinpointing negative feedback: Identify negative feedback and address customer dissatisfaction

  2. Prioritizing roadmap: Prioritize product roadmap based on data-driven insights

  3. Spotting emerging trends and anomalies: Spot emerging trends and anomalies for informed decision-making

  4. Prioritization: Understand which product features are most important to customers

  5. Data gathering: Systematically gather customer feedback data for informed decision-making

  6. Stakeholder alignment: Facilitate stakeholder alignment with objective data-driven insights

  7. Discoverability: Easily discover hidden insights and trends in customer feedback data.

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