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Wisdom: User Guide
Wisdom: User Guide

What is Wisdom and what can you use it for?

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What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is an AI-powered chatbot developed by Enterpret, designed to help product teams harness the full potential of customer feedback.

Wisdom is capable of understanding and answering questions in natural language. It can summarize customer feedback for product areas, creating charts to visualize data, and identifying the “why” behind user feedback on various topics. Moreover, Wisdom can also generate actionable, shareable content on top of customer feedback — like draft an issue ticket, write a product roadmap, draft an email to close the loop with customers, or brainstorm solutions.

What can you use Wisdom for?

You can interact with Wisdom just like ChatGPT, and ask questions on top of your customer feedback. Wisdom will respond with answers that are grounded in feedback shared by your users. The most common use-cases we've seen for Wisdom so far, are:

Find insights on top of customer feedback

With the ability to ask questions in natural language, Wisdom is a powerful interface to quickly find insights on top of your customers' feedback. Wisdom empowers you to quickly narrow down to a product area or feature that you're interested in, and brings out insights based on your question.

E.g. Wisdom's summary of the most frequently reported issues for ChatGPT

(on top of OpenAI's public feedback)

Double-click into specifics

Wisdom is designed to be transparent and inspectable. You can see the feedback powering any response by clicking on the feedback citations.

Moreover, you can go further, and dive deeper into an insight by asking follow-up questions. Wisdom builds on top of underlying customer feedback to bring out deep insights. As you dive deeper, Wisdom can also maintain the context of your conversation, just like ChatGPT.

Visualise feedback as Quantify charts

You can also ask Wisdom to create and plot Quantify charts to visualise your customers' feedback. Wisdom can generate bar and trend Quantify charts powered by your customers' feedback.

Take action on top of customer feedback

Wisdom can leverage its intelligence to generate actionable output on top of your customers' feedback. Whether it be writing an issue ticket to report to the engineering team, brainstorming creative solutions, generating the content of an email to close the loop with users, or drafting a product roadmap grounded in customers' feedback.

What other functionalities does Wisdom have?

Copy, Save, and Share

All Wisdom chats are auto-saved, and private. You can share a chat with your teammates by clicking on the SHARE button to copy the chat's link. Upon accessing a shared chat, your teammates will be able to copy your chat and continue digging deeper by building on top of it.

You can copy any Wisdom output to quickly share it with your teammates by clicking the clipboard icon at the bottom of an output. This copies a rich-text content with embedded links to cited feedback records.

Inspect and Edit

You can click on the ✏️ pencil icon next to the latest question in any chat to quickly edit it.

Wisdom is designed with transparency as a core tenet. If you click on the chevron icon next to any question, you can inspect how Wisdom answered the question.

Besides being inspectable, the steps Wisdom took to answer a query are editable too. You can alter the applied filters in any response to refine Wisdom's response and make the output more useful.

That's it for now! We have a series of improvements on Wisdom queued up for launch. We're super-excited about how you use Wisdom, and would love to hear from you! Please reach out to the Enterpret team if you have any thoughts or questions!

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