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Dashboard Templates
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What are Dashboard templates?

Templates are the pre-made Dashboards that help you set-up and customise a Dashboard.

Enterpret pre-populates some basic templates. Your organisation's admins can create and customise useful templates as per the need of your organisation.

How to create a Dashboard from an existing template?

While Creating a new Dashboard, after choosing from the Templates provided by Enterpret, Click on USE THIS TEMPLATE button on the right top of the screen to create a Dashboard from the desired Template.

For understanding the process of Creating a Dashboard better, Refer here

How to edit an existing Dashboard template?

To edit a Dashboard template, you will have to create a new Dashboard.

Click on USE THIS TEMPLATE button at the right top of the screen, to create the copy of the Dashboard template for yourself, which you can edit.

How to create a new Dashboard template?

Only an Administrator can create a template, Set as Template option is only available to them.

After Creating your desired Dashboard, Click the 3 dots menu button beside the ADD button and select Set as Template option from the expanded panel.

After setting your Dashboard as a Template, It will be visible in the Pre-existing Dashboards that a user can choose while creating a New Dashboard

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