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What is User Management in Enterpret?
What is User Management in Enterpret?
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User Management on Enterpret allows you to control access and permissions within your workspace, so you can effectively collaborate with your team, avoid unforeseen changes, and restrict access for certain users when necessary.

Let's explore Enterpret's user management features further:

Understanding User Roles

User roles ensure that all Enterpret users have appropriate access and functionality based on their responsibilities and requirements. It helps maintain security, streamline workflows, and customize the user experience.

Enterpret currently provides two user roles: Admin and Member

  • Admin: An Admin has full access to all features of Enterpret. They can manage access levels, control auto-approval, and suspend existing users.

  • Member: A Member has full access to the platform, including saving and sharing artefacts. However, they cannot access Workspace settings.


The Auto-Approve feature automatically approves anyone with a specific domain joining your Enterpret workspace. This domain is always your company's email domain and can be configured by requesting the Enterpret team.

When auto-approval is off, an Admin will have to invite any new user who requires access to your workspace.

Managing Auto-Approve

Auto-approve is enabled by default. To deactivate or activate it:

  1. Click your profile icon at the bottom left of the dashboard and select "Workspace Settings."

  2. Navigate to the "Users" tab.

  3. Locate the "Auto-Approve New Users" option.

  4. To toggle auto-approve off, click on the switch next to it.

  5. Confirm your choice in the pop-up window.

Remember, you need to have Admin-level access to change user management settings.

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