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Enterpret's integration for Survey Monkey allows users to integrate customer survey responses directly into Enterpret’s data pipeline

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Survey Monkey's integration enables Enterpret to directly ingest the responses from the surveys in Survey Monkey into Enterpret.

We require a token in order to ingest the data, and ingest new data every 24 hours. The data is ingested via an API Integration.


  1. Click on "Sign in with Google" and log in with your work email

  2. Once you have logged in successfully, navigate to integrations by selecting 'Integrations' under profile.

  3. Click on the "+ New Integration" button.

  4. Choose "Slack" from the presented options, by clicking the "Connect" button in front of it.

  5. You will be redirected to the Slack login page. Login using your Slack account credentials.

  6. Allow Enterpret access to your Survey Monkey account.

  7. Once the above step succeeds, you would see Survey Monkey as a "Connected" integration in your account.

  8. You can manage your integration by clicking on the edit integration button.

  9. On the pop up that opens, you can select/de-select the surveys for which you want responses to be ingested. NOTE: By default all surveys are enabled.

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