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Enterpret's integration for Zendesk Chat allows users to integrate feedback from support conversations into Enterpret’s data pipeline.

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Zendesk Chat's integration enables Enterpret to directly ingests data from our user's customer support conversations directly into Enterpret. This allows our customers to understand and make decisions based on the feedback they receive on Zendesk.

We require an OAuth and a form in order to ingest the data, and ingest new data every 4 hours. The data is ingested via an API Integration.

How It Works?

Whenever someone responds to a conversation outside the 4 hour interval, Enterpret ingests the entire conversation and not just the new message. While this would create multiple copies of the same conversation inside Enterpret, it does not affect the data count while conducting an analysis inside Enterpret.

Enterpret ingests only resolved customer support conversations. If someone hasn’t responded to customer support questions, then we do not ingest that data.


Step 1: Creating a new Zendesk API Client

Enterpret needs to integrate into your Zendesk Chat account. In order to do that, we need to create an API client inside your Zendesk.

In order to create an API client, please navigate to “Settings” and “Account”. Then select API&SDKs from the top menu like shown in the screenshot below and click on “Add API client”

In the opened form, please enter the following details:

Client Name: Enterpret

Company Name: Enterpret

Once you click the 'Create API Client' button after filling above details, you should see a screen similar to following:

Please copy and save the client ID and client secret temporarily somewhere.

Step 2: Authorize Enterpret to access Zendesk Chat data

  1. Click on "Sign in with Google" and log in with your work email

  2. Once you have logged in successfully, click on 'Integrations' under profile to view the integrations page.

  3. Click on the "+ New Integration" button

  4. Choose "Zendesk Chat" from the presented options, by clicking the "Continue" button in front of it

  5. Fill the following details in the presented form:

    • Zendesk Client ID: Generated as part of Step 1

    • Zendesk Client Secret: Generated as part of Step 1

    • Zendesk Subdomain: This is the subdomain for your Zendesk account, you can find it in your Zendesk Chat URL, for e.g

    In the above URL, "d3v-enterpret" is the Zendesk Sub Domain

  6. Once you have filled in all the details, click on the "Connect" button, which will redirect you to your Zendesk account. Log in to your Zendesk Account, and click on the "Allow" button, to authorize Enterpret to read Zendesk Chat data.

  7. Once the above step succeeds, you would see Zendesk Chat as a "Connected" integration in your account

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