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User Privacy API

Set up and use Enterpret's Data Deletion integration to manage user data privacy in compliance with global privacy laws like GDPR.

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At Enterpret, we prioritize the privacy and data protection rights of our users. In compliance with global privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we have introduced a User Privacy API. This API allows you to submit deletion requests for specific user data associated with your Enterpret IDs or User IDs. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and using the GDPR Compliant Data Deletion integration.

Use Case

The GDPR Compliant Data Deletion integration is designed for customers who want to ensure compliance with data protection regulations by deleting specific user data from Enterpret's systems. This can be useful if you receive data deletion requests from your users or if you want to proactively manage user data privacy.


Reach out to your customer success representative to obtain an API key for your data deletion requests.

NOTE: You must provide a list of metadata available in the Enterpret instance against which to match the User IDs submitted for deletion using a given API key.

This API Key should be used with every request as a value for the api-key header.

Submitting Deletion Requests

Use the API key obtained above to make a POST request to

In the request body, include the list of User IDs (ids) for which you want to delete the data.

Sample Request Body:

{ "ids": [ "user_id_1", "user_id_2"] }

Rate Limits

The API, currently, doesn’t enforce any rate limit, but the recommended rate limit is 100 RPM ( request per minute )

Processing of Deletion Requests

What is Deleted?

The GDPR Compliant Data Deletion integration allows you to delete the following types of data:

  • Feedback Records: This includes any feedback and its associated metadata

  • User Data: This includes all of the user's metadata along with any feedback that is associated with the user.

  • Account Data: This includes account metadata and any associated user and feedback records.

Please note that the deletion is hierarchical:

  • A record metadata match will delete the corresponding records.

  • A user metadata match will delete the matching users as well as their related records.

  • An account metadata key match will delete the account, and any associated users and related related.

Deletion SLA

Deletion requests are batched and scheduled for processing within 48 hours (configurable) of being received.

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