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Personalisation on Enterpret
Personalisation on Enterpret

Configuring your interests on Enterpret

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How does Enterpret leverage interests?

When you sign-up on Enterpret, you'd be prompted to share your current role, what areas of interests.
Think of it as a brief introduction where you can add you role within your organisation, whether you're a visionary Product Manager, an entrepreneurial Founder, or a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Additionally, we're keen to learn about the exciting realms you delve into at work, be it spearheading innovative product areas, driving impactful initiatives, or collaborating with dynamic teams.

Some examples of how users talk about what they work on:

  • I am a product manager, I oversee the integration of AI into our business systems, while ensuring compatibility with our technology infrastructure.

  • I design and refine digital healthcare interfaces, conducting user research and data analysis to improve the user experience and meet healthcare needs.

  • As a I oversee the development of secure, scalable cloud solutions for financial transactions, focusing on reliability, security, and compliance with regulatory standards.

These insights help us tailor your Wisdom experience and recommend preset prompts for you to get started with Wisdom!


We also send a monthly email summarising feedback from your areas of interests, so that you can have a pulse on the voice of your customers!

Updating Interests

For updating your interests, you can click on click on 'Update interests' on the Wisdom landing page, and configure your role and areas of work.

Within 30 seconds, upon refreshing the page, your suggested presets will update!

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