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Configuring Okta to sign-in to Enterpret

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Configuring SSO

In this section, we'll go through a step-by-step guide to configure OIDC SSO on Okta for Enterpret. You can read more about using SSO on Enterpret here.

NOTE: You might require elevated permissions on Okta to perform the following steps. Please contact your account admin if you don't find any of the referred settings on your Okta dashboard.

Creating an Application

Navigate to Applications > Applications on your Okta dashboard

On the Applications page, click on Create App Integration

On the modal that pops up, set the Sign-in method to OIDC - OpenID Connect, Application type to Web Application, and click on Next.

You'll be redirected to the New Web App Integration configuration page. Here, provide the following input:

  1. Set the App Integration name to Enterpret Inc.

  2. Under Logo, you can upload the Enterpret logo, which you can find it here.

  3. Set the Sign-in redirect URI to https://enterpret-prod.auth.us-east-2.amazoncognito.com/oauth2/idpresponse

  4. Configure who can access Enterpret from your organisation

  5. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page

You can leave the rest of the settings unchanged to their default values.

You have successfully created an Application that would allow Okta to communicate with Enterpret! As the next steps, you'll need to copy relevant details from the created app and configure it on the Enerpret dashboard.

Copying Client ID and Client Secret Values

On the Application page that loads after clicking Save in the previous step, you will find the Client ID and Client Secret values which you can copy and store locally.

Displaying the Enterpret Inc. App to Users

You can empower your teammates to sign-in to Enterpret directly from the Okta Dashboard by making the following edits to the General Settings of your application.

Click on Edit to start editing the General Settings of the application you've created.

In the Login section, set:

  • Login initiated by to Either Okta or App from the drop down.

  • Application visibility to your desired choices -- this decides where users would see the Enterpret app on Okta.

  • Login flow to Redirect to app to initiate login (OIDC Compliant)

  • Initiate login URI to https://dashboard.enterpret.com/login?view=sso

Click Save and that's it! Your app would now be visible for users on their Okta Dashboard.

Copying Issuer URL

Next, we need to copy the Issuer URL. You can navigate to the Sign On tab on the newly created Application's details page

On scrolling down on the Sign On tab, you'll find the Open ID Connect ID Token section. Click on the Edit option on the top right

Choose the Okta URL from the dropdown for Issuer and click Save. Note that the Okta URL for your organisation would be different from the sample URL displayed in the image.

After saving, copy the Okta URL. This is the Issuer URL that we'd be using to configure SSO on Enterpret.

Now that you've copied all the 3 values : client ID , client secret and issuer URL. Let's head back to configuring SSO on Enterpret.

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