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User De-provisioning with Okta SSO
User De-provisioning with Okta SSO

Setting up User De-provisioning with Okta SSO

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You can set-up your SSO configuration to de-provision users from Enterpret when they're removed from your organisation's identity provider. In this article, we'll walk through setting up user de-provisioning on Okta.

Adding an Event Hook

You can find the event hooks section on Okta under Workflow > Event Hooks.

On the Event Hooks page that loads up, click on the Create Event Hooks button to get started.

Okta would request for some details to set up a new Event Hook, you can find them below:


You can choose an informative name here. For example, Enterpret User De-provision.


You can provide the following URL:

Authentication Field

You can provide the following value for the authentication field:


Authentication Secret

You can copy the authentication secret value from the Enterpret Dashboard, under Workspace Settings > SSO Settings, and provide it to Okta.

Subscribe to Events

Under this section, you can choose and select the events in a user's lifecycle when they should be de-provisioned. We recommend adding the following:

  • User deactivated

  • User deleted

You can click on Save & Continue to proceed.

Verifying the Event Hook

As next steps, Okta would request you to verify the Event Hook, you can do so by clicking the Verify button.

That's it! You should see the following success note, and user de-provisioning should be successfully configured, and activated in a few mins.

If you run into any issues or require help with configurations, please feel free to reach out!

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